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Brinks Omega - Day Seven

Today normally would not be the day I would have to return the boat but because of work commitments I would not be spending tonight on the boat and so had to return it to the yard Sunday afternoon. I am not sure if it was because of this, but the whole day had a air of slowness about it, I did not get up too early and having packed everything away pretty much the night before meant there was just a few items to be put in my suitcase - this meant I used the final day to conduct the review of the boat so it would be shown 'as is' not with all my belongings about as I walked through the interior.  With that done it was time to leave Womack Island - it was getting on for the afternoon now. Wouldn't you know it that today, my last day was the warmest and most sunny of them all -  it was on days like this I missed not having a boat ether with an outside helm or a sliding roof as you felt rather trapped inside when all this wonderful sunshine was going on ou

Brinks Omega - Day Six

  Having spent the last night at Richardson's boatyard in Stalham, I was keen to be away earlier so not to cause any hindrance to their quayside works going on.  In so doing too I could use the time cruising to hear the water up to have a shower with.   I arrived at Paddy's Lane moorings and they were deserted - lovely. I got ready, then cooked myself breakfast - I was going to leave up to Barton Turf to use the water hose but decided I could wait for topping up so instead decided to head down the River Ant - not before taking a nice slow round about cruise on Barton Broad. So many simply traverse the Broad in a rush to go somewhere, but to simply drift in the wind letting it take the bow where it wishes can be a very relaxing experience - especially when you happen to be the only boat on the broad at the time - and this was so until the radio came into life and it was Broad Ambition, making its way up the Ant back to Stalham where Griff would be soon off

Brinks Omega - Day Five

I had looked, then looked again to ensure the number 12 bus did in fact stop near Ludham Bridge and would be there for 10:26am this morning.  All was set until we opened the curtains and found we could not see Turf Fen wind pump.  It was foggy! We waited anxiously and ever so slowly the fog began to disperse – I could now see the width of the river and about the same ahead.  Decision time – leave now in unsavory conditions and catch the bus and her train – or leave it and she have to pay full whack for a single ticket to London.  I went for the first option. We left the mooring and on tick over proceed down river keeping close to the Starboard bank a couple of bends later and the fog was lifting even more phew I thought and brought the revs up a little – however this was short lived as when we got on to the straight (passed the water outlet with the 4 MPH signs attached to the structure) the fog swept in once more – this time it was hard to see the port bank.

Brinks Omega - Day Four

Having spent a lot of time boating alone, it takes some adjustment to having female company on board – the heads taken over with lotions, conditioners, shampoos and shower gels not to mention hair products and bags with makeup – then my clothes neatly taken from hanging space to drawers. Far from annoying it was nice that the boat had a ‘lived in’ feel. It was a bright morning, and while there was a crispness to the air it was not too chilly.  It had the feel of a good, sunny and mild day ahead.  As time passed and after dogs were walked, we were off in convoy towards Potter Heigham.  I find it special – a sort of  charming and happy feeling when you are in the company of friends all heading off together down the river, with radio banter along the way and everybody enjoying themselves on the water and today was one of those occasions.   Before long we were at the mouth of the River Thurne, and on the starboard bank one could see a lot of dredging had been carried

Brinks Omega - Day Three

And so it was an early start at Sutton Staithe for the reasonably long (for the northern Broads) cruise to Wroxham.   I was meeting my girlfriend at Wroxham and she was due there by 1:00pm I had read it takes about 4 hours to reach Wroxham from Sutton and planned to stop enroute but because of the still waters and amazing light of the morning I was away before 7:30am to get some good video while the light was still 'fresh' and the waters calm. It did not take too long and I entered a magnificent Barton Broad - flat calm, no wind and with the sun getting ever warmer on my port side it made for a breathtaking trip with just the water birds for company and not another boat in sight.   I was taking things nice and slow and just enjoying the scenery around me, I had a keen eye for the tell tale flash of blue of a Kingfisher but alas I was out of luck but the upper Ant has proved a good place to see these pretty birds before.  Through Irstead, then down to How

Brinks Omega - Day Two

After leaving Salhouse Broad and Broad where I had spent the previous night – along with Griff on Broad Ambition, I had a plan to head to Ranworth Staithe and from there have a walk to Ranworth Broad through the wonderful nature reserve broad walk. As it was, the day began cool but bright and before long I was turning a the bend opposite The Swan in Horning   - coming out of season really has its boons for if this was high season, you would have to plan on coming to Ranworth after those who had overnighted had left but before the lunch time crowds had arrived.   Today I would not have to have such worries and passing through Horning places like the New Inn were deserted of moored boats and indeed it was not until I reached Ranworth Dam that another boat – Far Horizon as it happened, also happened to following me down. Malthouse Broad is such a haven – tucked away off the Bure with the statihe and view to St. Helen’s Church.  Because the broad is small it feels ‘j

Brinks Omega - Day One

And so it was that on a very mild, bright and sunny Monday morning I left the morning rush hour behind and boarded a very calm, and pretty empty train bound for Norwich.  The Rascal was returning to the Broads. I was already excited as the first adventure of 2014 was beginning and before long I would be once again cruising the waters of the Norfolk Broads. I was heading for Barnes Brinkcraft , who I had turned to for something a with a bit of luxury inside and bit of 'bling' as far as style went on t e outside, Brinks Omega would be by home for the next week and upon arriving at the boatyard noticed her moored waiting for me to get onboard.  Alas, she was still being prepared so it was off to Ken's Fish & Chips for - fish and chips, it would appear being a young man in the eat in part of this Wroxham institution on a Monday afternoon was a rare sight - for my fellow diners were, let us say taking full advantage of the OAP special. Filled up and fe