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Another one in the bag

And so after much work setting up cameras - including a new stern facing and high mounted camera - it was time to cast off and head down the Bure to Great Yarmouth. However, I was not counting on the sun being out for so long and being so strong - leaving Womack Dyke at 11:45am and mooring at Bramton Common at 7:50pm - meant I was in the sun and at the helm for almost 8 hours.  The net result is I now look like a Beat Root - but where I had on my sunglasses, whit write areas around my eyes.  How attractive.  Not. Anyway it was a success, but it certainly also is stressful especially when you are about to go live and every thing crashes - and once resumes you have no audio.  But I fear the times of live broadcasting on the Norfolk Broads may be coming to an end - to set u cameras, to drive a boat and provide entertainment either as commentary or music, takes it out of one person.  But that is not to say never - remember if all goes to plan this very website will host Norfolk Br

Almost there...

Time I updated on the plan of the forthcoming live stream – Tuesday 23 rd April at 3:00pm. It is unlikely that because of available time, we will make it all the way into Norwich – and we are also uncertain as to what sort of mobile data signal will be available as we head along the Yare.   Of course that is out of our hands, but will mean that things may go offline for sometime before returning, that picture and audio quality may also suffer.   I hope however you will preserve and come along for the virtual journey. Despite this, we are going to be trailing some new software that will enable to record the live camera feed locally – this can then be used to produce some video footage for use on our You Tube channel at a later date.   We’ve also got a second video camera that will be fixed somewhere at the bow and hopefully will get some good footage from – together with a ‘high mounted’ pan and tilt camera giving an overview – this will need to be lowered going th