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Time to say goodbye to 12v DC for boating?

I am now beginning to consider 12v power use on a boat as no longer required. There, I said it which is a rather surprising thing to hear and goes against 'conventional wisdom'. Now of course the use of DC power on board is going to be necessary, but I would much prefer to see all DC power use being run at 24v because this reduces your amperage needs, and in many cases reduces the gauge of wire needed.  When you look at everything from electric toilets, bilge pumps, lighting, heating systems and even marine electronics they all come in 24v versions - often at no more cost than their 12v cousins.  As a society we have so much choice as to what is available to us for the home and increasingly we want these basics on board our boats.  I call them 'basics' because I do not consider it to be a luxury to have a Microwave, a Coffee Machine or a Freezer on your boat. So why do companies both when building new boats and those who supply the industry continue to be stuck in