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What to expect in 2013

It has been a while since I have written here, and so wanted to give regular followers a taster of what is to come this year. First off Norfolk Broads - LIVE! will be continuing in the featuring of the holiday tales and Captain's Blogs - and not just be about  the live broadcasts.  This will give those who have a passion for the Norfolk Broads a single point to come to be it to watch the You Tube videos, read up on the day to day events or watch the live broadcasts. Talking of the Captain's Blog they will be changing too.  I am going to try and feature more details about the boat and produce a more formal review.  I will also be featuring more 'river action' and less commentary - or to put it bluntly more interesting things and less me.   This will all begin sometime in March - dates to be confirmed - when I shall be producing the 'Budget Boat Review'.  This will be a four night break on one of the cheapest boats one can hire on the Norfolk Broa