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Salerno - Day one

It began early because I had booked myself on the 8:30am train from Liverpool Street to Norwich, not only did this mean my fares were just £8.50 each way, but would have meant by the time I made my connection to Hoveton & Wroxham, I could get the 11:35am bus to Stalham. However things had changed because Mary (OldBroadsBird) on this forum had contacted me offering me a lift to Stalham. I left my home bang on 7:00am and arrived at Liverpool Street in good time – I thought I’d try a Burger King breakfast – never again! On the train and it was relatively quiet, past the Olympic Park at Stratford and time for a nap.   We seemed to be making good progress until just outside Ipswich we stopped and then the air conditioning went off and I knew something was amiss.   There was an over head line problem and my heart sank.   Fortunately we were not held up too long and back on our way.   I made the connection at Norwich and I was then getting more excited, the fi

Salerno - Day two

After a lovely sleep it was up early and I was gutted to find it was raining lightly.   Today was going to be spent cruising into Wroxham, getting a few bits and bobs from Roys and then going ‘live at twelve’ and then cruise all the way to Potter Heigham with a bunch of people watching me. Every time I want to put cameras outside (which are not meant to be outside) it has to rain. And so it was today and 20 minutes of wrapping up webcams in layers of PVC tape later I was ready to figure out where they should go.   I also had bought a new toy along – a PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) camera akin to the ones you can watch from Barnes Brinkcraft – only mine was smaller and far far cheaper I wanted to give it a go none the less.   I also had purchased a suction cup camera mount that would enable a full 180 degrees panning from just above the water – this was all scuppered when I broke the arm of the camera mount just getting it out of my bag!   Next time... As it happened I had thre

Salerno - Day three

Having spent the night moored on Womack Dyke I awoke early and rested. This is a lovely still stretch of water, and being alone without the noise of other boats makes for a lovely mooring. Increasingly though these type of moorings are being coming rarer and those that are about are soon snapped up. I wanted to get underway before everyone else had got up and ready, and so just after 8am I was underway heading towards Acle. It was a lovely morning, mild with a slight breeze, high cloud meant the sun was casting an almost filtered light over the rivers and marshes. Other than fisherman on the banks of the Thurne, I past no other boats until well on the way to Acle on the Bure. I was not taking things fast and just taking in the scenery and morning calmness. It is a shame others were not of the same idea – two boats charging up the Bure from Acle and whether they were doing more than the 6 MPH posted maximum on this stretch really is neither here not there for it was c