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Brinks Rhapsody - The Review

I think I will leave it to the video review to let you decide what your impressions are of this new cruiser on the Norfolk Broads, but I for one have been one over by it's sheer luxury and innovation. Yes it is a premium boat, attracting a premium price but unlike other boats for hire, this is a boat without compromise.  There is no need to worry about brining a high powered appliances with you because it has the capacity to run them - and of course the power generation onboard to keep them going. A domestic electric induction hob cooker, fan assisted oven, electric kettle, toaster and domestic sized fridge and separate 24 bottle wine chiller - then there is the thermostatically controlled individual heating to every cabin - heated toilet/shower compartments with heated towel rails, premium flat screen televisions in each cabin with the ability to play DVDs, CD's and play Movies saved to USB drives coupled with a Radio/CD player with an MP3 input option a

Brinks Rhapsody - The Hybrid Drive Cruiser

Day One: This trip would be the last to Norfolk for the 2014 season, and as things turned out my Mum would be accompanying me for a couple of nights - after which I'd be left to handle 44ft of brand new boat alone.  No pressure then. The journey to the boatyard was familiar and a well trodden route - but began with massive problems on the London Underground.  I have two ways to get to Liverpool Street and I had gambled wrongly in the morning rush hour which to take - at Kings Cross they were 5 deep waiting for the next train on the sub-surface route so quickly turn around (as fast as one can with a large suitcase and my bag of cameras and various other non essential but often required boat bits) to the Piccadilly Line and on to Holborn where we can get the Central Line to Liverpool Street.   Then queue for a free ticket machine to collect the pre-bought tickets and just under 10 minutes before the train to Norwich was leaving. Once we left London tho