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White Champagne - The Review

White Champagne is a large boat ideal for a group of friends or two families whose priority is space. At 45ft long the boat might be the same length as Broadsman, Commodore etc but because has a higher air draft and narrower side decks appears to be much larger inside.   Whether you are talking about the shower, outside space, or saloon you never feel cramped and there are drawers and cupboards everywhere to store away a crews belongings.  Sure this class of boat (Acapulco, Challenger and Pink Champagne are all the same type) are more known for large groups of men on stag do cruises, this label I feel is wrongly associated with them and upon take over the boat was spotlessly clean.  Our request for extra items for the galley and bedding was dealt with in a friendly manner and 'nothing is too much trouble' way.  While I had hired the boat it was for my mums birthday celebrations and we wanted somewhere people new to the broads would find comfortabl

Broad Ambition - The River Blogs - Part 4

Part four sees us visit St. Helen's church at Ranworth (for some reason I refer to it as St. Margaret's Church) and we end up at Sutton Staithe Boatyard for very cheap fuel and a pump out. It truly was a lovely weekend with amazing weather that seems but a memory now.

Broad Ambition - The River Blogs - Part 3

In part three of the adventure, We decided to take a cruise down to Wroxham - for nothing more than to see what was going on then return back the way we had come to Salhouse Broad.  It was here I spotted the ice cream boat, so we duly caught their attention and I was promptly recognised and enjoyed a 30p discount.  From here we headed back down the river Bure in the lovely sunshine, Shiela taking full advantage  of this and as we passed through Horning decided to bare her Bikini to the world. We turned to head up the river Ant, but it was simply so hectic and busy our idea about going to Sutton Staithe, or Stalham for a meal was pushed to one side and we turned just before the first warning sign for Ludham Bridge and left the chaos behind us - destination now Acle, or failing that Stokesby. There was noticeably less boats on the Bure, and once past the river Thurne we were treated to several fast moving sailing boats coming towards us many with full sails o

Broad Ambition - The River Blogs - Part 2

Part Two of the adventure - as we cruise through Horning and then take a quick detour into the seemingly always serene beauty of Hoveton Little Broad (Blackhorse Broad). Our overnight destination is Salhouse Broad, where you can see how I was able to fill buckets with water should we need to away from water hose points and took some time out giving it one last go at getting the water pump to work. After that it was time for a BBQ of chicken and pork with potato salad, crusty bread and salad not to forget the trusty thousand island dressing.  It was, as you can see a rather chilled out day unlike some of the hire boat trips where I cram as much into a day as one can and end up on very long cruises. *Mark I will look to see if I can see your boat but usually I don't leave much 'on the cutting room floor' so to speak

Broad Ambition - The River Blogs - Part 1

A new series of Blogs are coming your way and we begin with part one where we find out what happens when a water pump seizes and one has to use your innovative skills to come up with a solution – in this case 15 litre water carriers and a watering can to flush the loo with.  None the less after a few hours in the wet shed trying to sort the problem we departed and spent our first evening at St. Benet’s moorings, we pick up the action as we begin day two where we visit Potter Heigham and Malthouse Broad.

Becoming a boat owner

You see, some people have a dream, a real sincere passion within them to reach a goal or achieve something – perhaps it may be a career, a location to move to, or a sporting achievement you name it but the one thing in common is it will not fade and one will not give up that wish to one day make your own dream come true. For me the fire that brought my own dream to life began as an 8 year old being brought on the Norfolk Broads aboard Saucy Gem 5 from Richardson’s. This was not the first time I had been afloat on the Broads, I had previously been on the Broads as a baby and toddler but that around Hickling and on many a day boat but Saucy Gem was a boat you could live on and while compared to today’s standards it was sparse with a ‘thunder box’ as the loo, a black and white television that might last a couple of hours on batteries it was simply so exciting to be on the boat. Therein began often yearly trips to the Broads with a build up to them that brought