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Boating Tips & Tricks - Spring Edition

  The sun is getting higher in the sky and today is St. Patrick’s Day which can only mean one thing: To many a boater the time is right to get their little ship ready for the new season. In this ‘Tips & Tricks’ article, I am going to talk about boat cleaning, pre-season prep and making your boat look great to attract the envy of others. Boat Washing:   It does not matter if you have your boat under a tarpaulin, in a shed, or just bare in the in the open one thing is for sure after just a few weeks her topsides will be looking dull and since many owners pack up for the season in late October and do not return until late March, that is a lot of time for the muck and grime to build up.    Especially if your boat has a painted surface, it is important not to just reach for any old cleaning products but spend a little and get something nice.   The most important thing you want to look out for is it being PH Neutral.   This is because a product that is too acidic, or