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Another one in the bag

And so after much work setting up cameras - including a new stern facing and high mounted camera - it was time to cast off and head down the Bure to Great Yarmouth.
However, I was not counting on the sun being out for so long and being so strong - leaving Womack Dyke at 11:45am and mooring at Bramton Common at 7:50pm - meant I was in the sun and at the helm for almost 8 hours.  The net result is I now look like a Beat Root - but where I had on my sunglasses, whit write areas around my eyes.  How attractive.  Not.
Anyway it was a success, but it certainly also is stressful especially when you are about to go live and every thing crashes - and once resumes you have no audio.  But I fear the times of live broadcasting on the Norfolk Broads may be coming to an end - to set u cameras, to drive a boat and provide entertainment either as commentary or music, takes it out of one person.  But that is not to say never - remember if all goes to plan this very website will host Norfolk Broads - LIV…

Almost there...